My Sunday Book Crush!

I wanted to do something that would come out weekly, and would allow me to talk about the many, many books on my wishlist. So I decided that "Sunday Book Crush" would be that thing. I know there's probably already a book meme out there for this sort of thing, but I figured I'd give this a go anyway!

Series: Red Queen #1 
Amazon: UK|US

This book, oh my gosh, does it sound good. The whole premise of the sliver elite, and the red commoners has already got me excited. The blurb just makes it sound so fanatstic, and I love a good underdog takes back the power story. Plus so many of my friends on goodreads have given this fantastic reviews, so I think it'll defintely be one of the next books I purchase when I get paid.  
I know I'm more than a year late getting on this train, but I'm so excited to sit down and read this book!!

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