My Top Ten Manga Recommendations (part two)

Here's the second part of my manga recs! If you want to read the first part the link is heeeere. This was, again, so hard to write; I think I might like way too many different mangas, and I left out Kuroko no Basket (my favourite sports manga) because I want to write a seperate review of that one!

1. Owari no Seraph//Seraph of the End

Manga: UK|US

This manga follows the same sort of tropes as Attack on Titan and Blue Exorcist; a post apocalyptic world where humans are on the back footing to monsters (vampires in this particular manga), and one boy is the chosen one who has the potential to both destroy or save the world. I currently prefer Owari no Seraph over Attack on Titan and Blue Exorcist, but I think it's probably because I prefer the charismatic vampires, over the antagonists in the other two. 
It's a story of revenge, vampires, demons, and twisted humans trying to survive. This story just gets better and better as it is unfolding, and the art within is gorgeous making the story about 10x better. The manga does have it's issues though, and one of the biggest for me is being oh so similar to so many other mangas on the market at the moment; this doesn't change that, for me, this is one of my current favourite mangas. 

2. One-Punch Man

Anime: One-Punch Man
Manga: UK|US

So I feel like this is on every ones favourite list at the moment, and if you read manga and haven't heard of it your living under a proverbial rock. I feel like manga suddenly appeared and blew everyone away. it's so well loved and I can understand why; instead of watching your protagonist nearly getting defeated every battle, you instead get to watching him blow through every adversary with just one punch. 
Satima is just amazing as a character. He wants to be a hero, but has gotten so strong that no monster can put up a fight; it's honestly his boredom with theses lacklustre villains that makes this manga so good, and the fact  that despite being the strongest hero he has to make his way up through the hero rankings for failing a test. This manga has such a great sense of humour, and it definitely lived up to the hype for me. 

3. D.Gray-man

Anime: D.Gray-man
Manga: UK|US

This manga has been a favourite of mine since I first started reading manga when I was fourteen. I constantly kept re-reading it during it's three year hiatus, but it's back and even more beautiful than before. 
The story begins with Allen an aspiring exorcist, trained to destroy the akuma who are created by the Millennium Earl to help destroy humanity. It follows him as he joins the Black Order, and the battle to save fragments of innocence from the Earl and his Akumas. The story is a major draw for me, as it is constantly growing and changing as you learn more about both Allen and the Earl. There world is constantly expanding, and you honestly find yourself questioning who is the bad guy; I also ended up liking characters that were on the Earls side, and eventually even liked the Earl himself. 
The art also gets so much better as the manga goes on; it is honestly such a beautiful manga, and is worth looking at especially now the hiatus is over! 

4. Ouran High School Host Club

Manga: UK|US

This is probably one of my all time favourites! Everything about it is just perfect Haruhi is a fantastic protagonist, the host club is fabulously flamboyant, and despite this being a light hearted manga it deals with some serious issues. 
I think what makes this manga so good is Haruhi's reversal of a typical shoujo heroine, instead of being in love with the host club, she's there out of obligation and puts up with all of their antics. It's one of those mangas that seems silly at first, but just has so much heart. 
The characters are probably the best aspect of this story; It's the contrast between hardworking Haruhi, and all these crazy rich kids she ends up being surrounded by that makes this manga such a good laugh. 
It also deals with the problems of being rich, poor, and of being human beings; the characters are so well developed, and have so many different facets which is probably why this one has remained a favourite of mine for so long.  

5. Kuroshitsuji//Black Butler

Manga: UK|US

This is probably one of the very few mangas that I picked up after watching the anime first, and very quickly discovered that I preferred the manga. I've linked Book of Circus above instead of the original anime, but if you do fancy watching the original it won't be hard to find.
The story revolves around Ceil, a rich noble boy who makes a deal with a demon; the demon takes the form of his butler Sebastian, and they spend most of their time dealing with London's underbelly. This is again one of my absolute favourites, (which I really shouldn't say about every manga I mention) I started this after watching both seasons of the original anime, and I have to say I much prefer the story within the manga. 
The Manga can be incredibly dark at points, but still manages to have arcs that'll leave you laughing. I always struggle to pick a bad arc in this manga, but my favourite will always be Book of Circus; it is in this chapter that you learn the most about Ciel and his past, but I won't reveal any more because we're getting into spoiler territory. 

Honourable Mention: Boku No Hero Academia.

Manga: UK|US

I'm just going to quickly throw this manga into the mix! I started reading it a few weeks back and I have to say it's fantastic. I don't want to go into too much detail, but the story revolves around Izuku, a boy who has overcome everything to make it to UA academy (even not having any powers!). This is such a wonderful story with a huge variety of characters, so you'll probably end up falling in love with one of them.                                                                                                                           

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