07 Ghost by Yuki Amemiya and Yukino Ichihara

Series: 07 Ghost 
Publisher: Viz Media
Amazon: UK | US

Synopsis: All Teito Klein wants is to forget his murky past as an orphan and a slave, and to graduate from Barsburg's military academy with his best friend Mikage, But when an over heard state secret triggers treasonous memories. He's forced to flee from the very empire he once sought to defend! He leaves Mikage behind and Teito escapes to the Basburg Chuch. There, with the help of it's three bishops, he begins to unravel his frole in the story of an evil god, seven ghosts, two rival empires, and his own mysterious past.

Review: So this has been one of my favourite manga for awhile now, I think I've re-read it about four times, and it has just recently been completed so I thought I'd review it here.
07 Ghost has one of the most well built worlds that I've read. It's just so interesting from the Kor, which are demonesc beings that the bishops exercise, to the transportation which includes things like hawkziles, which appears to be a bird trapped inside a bike. The characters are also fantastic, although there are not many girl main characters but to be honest I enjoyed the story so much that I didn't mind. Teito is also a great protagonist, He's very determined and serious but this works well with the other protagonist, Frau's, more casual and childish personality. 
The story is absolutely fantastic and the art is gorgeous. This manga starts off as a boy running away from the military, and develops into this fabulous story of adventure as they travel round the different zones of Barsburg. In case you couldn't tell I'm trying my best not to give away any major spoilers here, but I promise you that the twists are well worth waiting for.
The art style is definitely one of my personal favourites, and you can really see the attention to detail within the manga. In my un-artistic opinion the mangaka's art style remains beautiful throughout the manga, and you can tell an incredible amount of effort went in to each panel.
So all in all if your looking to get into reading Japanese manga, or are already a hardened veteran looking for something new to read, this manga is definitely worth a try. 


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